1064 Salk Rd., Unit #10, Pickering, Ontario L1W 4B5 (416) 484-0850

Curved Space has been manufacturing and retailing quality freeform furniture for over half a century. In order to produce the most comfortable and durable bean bag furniture we use only the most resilient high density shape molding beads and soft "leather like" no-sweat urethane, sumptuous velvets, corduroys and even brushed cotton and washed denim fabrics.

We also produce an entire raft of flexfoam furniture; anywhere from mats and cubes to custom designed seating, lounging and sleeping systems that can be designed to fit an entire room. Our designers will be glad to show you how to laminate different layers of high density foams together to create the level of comfort and support you require.

Not only that, but as time goes by Curved Space will actually show you how to dream and create leisure environments in three dimensions, how to make full use of all your space, and ultimately how to design your home right around the "furniture" with windows facing a lake, a forest, a whole new world, or maybe even, you got it, the rising or the setting sun.

We invite you to visit our showroom and factory outlet in Pickering, Ontario, Canada to experience the comfort of our freeform furniture including all of our bean bag chairs which have once again been voted "Best in Toronto" by the Village Post magazine in their October 2005 issue.

light is
the essence, the quintessence
the absolute
in spatial reality
consisting entirely of variables
or should that have been vegetables
hi there george
light shines

it shines at a speed
of a hundred and eighty six thousand
miles per second
of who you are
where you're at
or even
the direction you thought you were travellin' in
when you measure it

the popularized writings of R
parceque donc and another
rather unsuspecting flying patrolman